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Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Medical Center of Central GA Receives.....

The Medical Center of Central Georgia Receives National Leadership Award From VHA Inc.

Award Recognizes Excellence in Supply Chain Management Improvement

Macon, Georgia (May 1, 2006)¯VHA Inc., a national health care alliance based in Irving, Texas, has recognized The Medical Center of Central Georgia (MCCG) for its excellence in supply chain management improvement. MCCG is one of only 23 VHA member hospitals nationwide to receive the 2006 VHA Leadership Award for Supply Chain Management Improvement. The hospital will receive the award May 21, 2006, at VHA’s Leadership Conference in St. Louis, Mo.

"This award validates the dedicated focus of our supply chain team to improve purchasing processes and distributing and managing the materials and products we need to take care of patients and run our hospital," said Don Faulk, president and CEO of MCCG. "Supplies are the second largest expense category for hospitals-behind salaries-so controlling these costs enhances our ability to hire more staff and provide better patient care."

The award is being presented for efforts related to standardization programs that saved the hospital over $3,000,000. This initiative has significantly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the hospital’s supply chain program.

The VHA Leadership Award for Supply Chain Management Improvement encompasses a variety of areas including: product selection; contracting/sourcing; procurement; standardization; distribution and logistics; inventory management; and product utilization. Hospitals’ supply chain programs are evaluated on criteria such as their ability to make superior product selection decisions, use of technology assessment teams, focus on patient safety and how well they incorporate strategies such as standardization and efforts to use supplies more effectively.



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